• Supplier information

    Each year, State Government agencies in Western Australia spend approximately $7 billion buying a wide variety of goods, services and infrastructure from the private sector.

    This purchasing encourages fair and open competition between suppliers and aims to achieve the best value for money for the taxpayer.

    A number of resources are available to suppliers. These tools provide information on government purchasing and data on what the government buys.

    Selling to Government

    Each year thousands of contracts are established between the Western Australian Government and suppliers in the private sector. These contracts cover a diverse range of goods and services from the purchasing of communication equipment to the engagement of consultants.

    For practical information about selling to government including what the government looks for in suppliers, how agencies make purchases, and how offers are evaluated go to I’m a Supplier in the Government Procurement section of the Finance website. 

    Government purchasing officers list

    The Government Purchasing Officers list [PDF] provides the contacts details of a purchasing officer in each State Government agency.

    Who Buys What and How

    These reports provide you with information about what the individual State Government agencies buy.

    Other explanatory information is available in the Who Buys What publications. These publications are available in PDF format on the Government Procurement Reports page.