• Your Sunset story

    We are very interested to find out more about the people who called Sunset home. Please email any stories to sunset@finance.wa.gov.au and let us know about any memorabilia that could be considered for a future display.

    historical image of group of people in front of Sunset Hospital building
    A group of dignitaries with the matron and
    Old Men's Home Master Mr Rust on the far right

    Mr Alan Davison and Mrs Muriel 'Birdie' Duke at Sunset

    Alan Davison and his mother, Mrs Muriel (Birdie) Duke, in the grounds of the Sunset Heritage Precinct in April 2017 celebrating her 102nd birthday. Mrs Duke enjoyed visiting the revitalised public areas of the historic former hospital, and remembered her uncle, Robert Whyndam Elkins, and 'uncle-in-law', Albert Lightfoot, who both lived and died at Sunset.