• Publications

    Asbestos Publications
    A number of asbestos publications are available on the Management of Asbestos page, including the Asbestos Booklet, the Asbestos Steering Committee Information Guide for Agencies, the Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces, the Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos 2nd Edition, and Managing Asbestos in Western Australian Government Buildings.

    Better Places and Spaces
    The State Government has released Better Places and Spaces: A Policy for the Built Environment in Western Australia. The Policy was developed by the Office of the Government Architect following extensive consultation across government and with the built environment professions. An Action Plan accompanies the Policy to guide its implementation.

    Builders' Prequalification Scheme
    The Builders' Prequalification Scheme information pack and application form for building contractors to apply to join the system of prequalification for State Government non-residential building works contracts tendered by Building Management and Works, is available on the Contractor Information / Qualifying for Work with BMW page.

    Flooring Material Guide for Government Buildings
    This Flooring Material Guide for Government Buildings has been developed to assist agency representatives, consultants and project managers to select and procure flooring materials for government buildings. It is available on the Consultant Information / Resources page. This guide replaces the carpet panel and the carpet panel buyer’s guide. Please send any feedback on this guide to principal.architect@finance.wa.gov.au.

    Government Office Accommodation Master Planning Strategy
    Government Office Accommodation Master Planning is a more strategic approach to planning and a coordinated whole-of-government approach to implementation of accommodation and fit-outs, with the potential to deliver significant savings. Documents include Master Planning our future: better approach to government office accommodation, Government Office Accommodation Master Planning Strategy, Master Plan 2012-18, Frequently Asked Questions, and Master Plan 2012-18 Directions 2031 and Beyond. See the Master Planning 2012-18 page.

    Heritage Manual (UNDER REVIEW)
    The Heritage Manual for State Government is for use by Agencies that are responsible for places that have, or could be identified as having, cultural heritage value. For heritage related advice, please contact the State Heritage Office by phone on (08) 6552 4000 or by email at info@stateheritage.wa.gov.au.

    Korndin Kulluch: A Place of Reconciliation
    Concept plans for the culturally significant Pyrton and Lockridge Reserves. Documents include the media release from Minister of Finance, the Draft Pyrton-Lockridge Reserves Cultural Consultation Report, the Korndin Kulluch A Place of Reconciliation brochure and the Draft Bennett Brook Nyungar Cultural and Environmental Concept Plan. See the Korndin Kulluch page.

    Maintenance Minimisation Manual
    The  Maintenance  Minimisation Manual outlines design guidelines intended to reduce building maintenance requirements, with an emphasis on sustainable building design.

    Percent for Art Scheme
    The Percent for Art Scheme is a State Government initiative that started in 1989 that commissions artwork from Western Australian artists for major new public buildings throughout the state. Examples of the Percent for Art scheme.

    Signage Guidelnes Capital Works
    This Signage  Guidelines Capital Works (PDF 5.7 MB) has been produced, to ensure that signage is used consistently across all Western Australian State Government capital works projects, to achieve a uniform visual 'branding' or visual identity. The BMW structural details must be used in the construction of these signs. All signs must be approved before erection. Contact Gary Marcon on 6551 1808 or email gary.marcon@finance.wa.gov.au for information or artwork templates.

    Solar Power System Procurement Standard
    The Solar Power System Procurement Standard guide has been prepared by the Department of Finance to explain the requirements for procuring solar photovoltaic systems for public buildings and sites. This guide is intended to provide broad advice only for agencies who own their buildings. Site specific design and contractual requirements will be identified by a consultant engaged from BMW’s Engineering and Building Specialists Panel through a BMW project manager.

    Subcontractors information
    BMW provides general guidance and direction for subcontractors engaged in the Western Australian building and construction industry regarding common rights and obligations. Documents include the Subcontractor Awareness Brochure, Subcontractor Quick Reference Guide, Information for Subcontractors, and Resolving Payment Disputes in Construction Contracts. See the Non-payment of subcontractors page.