Department of Finance

Government Office Accommodation

Building Management and Works (BMW) has started using the Department of Finance Shared Services (DFSS) system to provide a number of administrative services including finance.

There will generally be minimal impact on leasing suppliers with the issue of addressing invoices and sending them to BMW for payment. This is as a result of DFSS recognising that leasing contract payments sit outside the normal procurement supply chain, which means the buyer is not required to supply a purchase order to match to the invoice to receive payment.

However, the following changes to processing will be needed to comply with DFSS's requirements, as it is the agency that will process the payment.

Request for Business Information

Government Office Accommodation (GOA) suppliers, along with all BMW suppliers, need to be registered into the DFSS finance system. The information in our previous system was passed onto DFSS, but DFSS may require confirmation of suppliers' details. DFSS or BMW may contact suppliers to verify and confirm supplier/customer business details.

Suppliers are encouraged to use the ‘Supplier Creation/Maintenance’ form found under  Forms  on this Supplier Portal, to update business details such as postal address, bank details and contact email addresses as changes occur. This will ensure that payments and support information are received promptly.


Under the DFSS financial systems, GOA will continue to raise Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI).

The alternatives to RCTIs are:

  • suppliers adopt the Progress Tax Invoice (PTI) to complete the form provided. The PTI form is treated as an addendum to the lease and covers a period of 12 months. It allows BMW to make periodic invoices to suppliers, while having no impact on suppliers issuing invoices. It will also not affect the payment of incidental/sundry amounts paid manually once suppliers invoice BMW. The PTI is a much-improved initiative for both the management of client property and BMW's ongoing obligation to provide timely and accurate payments on behalf of Government departments and agencies
  • GOA receives the tax invoice for verification and endorsement. The GST will accompany the payment being released by DFSS.


Under the new arrangements invoices should continue to be addressed to:

Building Management and Works
Locked Bag 44
Cloisters Square

This is the only address for sending invoices for recording. Any invoices not sent to this address may not to be passed to the correct officer to process, or may be returned for correction.

All invoices must have a reference area on the document with the words “GOA – Lease number ID”. This number will be supplied shortly. All invoices will be scanned and saved into BMW's document management system. Having this number on the invoice allows easy searching across a number of invoices should an invoice need to be retrived to answer an enquiry.

Information supplied when a payment is made

When payments are made to BMW's leasing suppliers, they will receive a Creditor Remittance advice before payment notification from DFSS. For EFT payments, a remittance advice from DFSS will be sent by email.

For payments where no EFT details are available, or the EFT details have not been confirmed with Shared Services, a cheque will be mailed. It is essential leasing suppliers maintain their postal details in the system.

When invoices are issued to our leasing customers, they will receive an email from BMW containing the DFSS Invoice with the BMW support material attached.

Suppliers should note that when an EFT payment occurs, their bank statement will indicate a payment from OSS Cannington.

Both BMW and DFSS provide ongoing support for suppliers with the introduction of the new arrangement. Please contact either GOA or DFSS if you need any of this new arrangement clarified.


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