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The BMW PACMan Project Team will continue to develop and deliver improvements and enhancements for the system. The production environment has moved into a support phase delivered by our Business Systems area which will continue to provide administration and support to the users of the system.

All new users are to complete the “External User Access Form” which can be found here under “Forms and Support Material” or click here for Forms. Once you have completed the form, please forward this to

Please remember if you are to undertake any of the roles below you will require access to the system, and will be required to fill in the access form, which can be found in the above link: “Forms and support material” on this portal.

Suppliers who are engaged in the roles below are encouraged to inform BMW of any changes to their company or staff details ensuring those who should have access to PACMan do. This will also ensure they receive communication updates and security around their access to the system continues to be maintained.

  1. Currently engaged under AS4122 and AS2124 conditions of contract
  2. Currently fulfilling the role of a primary consultant or superintendent's representative
  3. Were using our Online Contract Management (OCM) system to lodge claims.

External users are encouraged to access the internet and to monitor email information updates which will help them minimise disruptions to their business.

PACMan and the way suppliers do business with BMW?

For consultants engaged on AS4122 (1993-Int) General Conditions, it will mean that:

  1. Payment and variation claims will be lodged electronically through the PACMan portal.
  2. Superintendent's representatives performing their role of certifying payments under AS2124

General Conditions will make the certification in PACMan.

For contractors engaged on AS 2124 (1992) General Conditions and BMW 10 Minor Works General Conditions, the process will remain unchanged. Claims will continue to be submitted according to current practice.

In future contractors will also be able to submit claims online, but this will be developed at a later stage.


Training for either the supplier portal or the superintendents representative role can be organised by sending requests to

PACMan glossary of terms

Click here for a list of PACMAN glossary of terms. This provides a definition of each field, what data should be entered, the rules, controls and approvals for each field, and what the field is used for (PDF 41 kB). This information continues to be reviewed and the document updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we have more than one designated user to affect claims processing in PACMan?
A. Yes. Organisations have administrators who are able to log in to do tasks for claims, however please note they cannot act on behalf of the Supers Reps in approving claims for payment. Each individual transacting in PACMan should have their own login to the system.

Q. Are there differing access levels depending on the roles undertaken by external suppliers?
A. Yes. A consultant lodging claims for their services through the Supplier Portal as they did in OCM does not access the PACMan system. A Superintendent's Representative can access the Supplier Portal to lodge their claims for payment. They can also log in to PACMan to enter claims on behalf of contractors and fulfil their role as a Supers Rep.

Q. As a Supers Rep, I can log into PACMan but can't view any of the screens
A. If the version of Internet Explorer you are using is more recent than IE7, you need to ensure compatibility mode is enabled. To do this, open an internet browser page and go to tools > views and select compatibility.

Q. I can log on but have no items in my drop down list.
A. Please contact your Project or Contract Manager. If you can log into PACMan but cannot see any projects/contracts, this means you have not been “named” correctly in the system.


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