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Greening the WA Government Vehicle Fleet

Climate change or global warming is an important environmental issue with the potential to impact adversely on the economy, society and environment. Integral to this area is greenhouse gas emissions.

State Fleet finances the majority of the WA government's passenger and light commercial vehicles and has in place an integrated program that firstly aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from its fleet of vehicles and secondly offsets the CO2 emissions that occur.

The gradual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions has been achieved through a program of pursuing more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. Commencing with promoting 4-cylinder vehicles in 2004, the program has been refined and now establishes a vehicle benchmark target for CO2 emission per kilometre travelled. Vehicle acquisitions are assessed against this benchmark.

State Fleet regularly calls for quotations to purchase ‘carbon credits’ to offset the carbon emissions from its fleet. All carbon credits acquired are required to be approved by the Australian Department of Climate Change.

 State Fleet Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report [PDF]

 State Fleet Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report [Word]


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