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CADD - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a different Base Drawing Size?

The standard size is A1. BMW can allow for the base drawing size to be changed on a project by project basis. Authority to change the base drawing size must be obtained from BMW's CADD Manager.
Refer to the ‘Contact Us’ page for further information.

2. Why are the CADD Standards so important?

As a State Government agency, BMW is bound by a variety of laws. The most prominent legislation applicable to CADD Standards is the State Records Act 2000. This legislation, in conjunction with BMW’s Record Keeping Plan, identifies all ‘As Constructed’ Drawings as State archives. As such, the drawings must be kept in an original format for the lifetime of the building.

3. Must I comply with all of the requirements outlined in the CADD Standards for Deliverables Manual?

Yes. As the Standards form a part of a contract, you are legally required to comply with the Standards outlined in the Manual. It is also the lead consultant’s responsibility to ensure that all drawings by sub-consultants are delivered on time, and to the Standards outlined in the Manual. Failure to do so by any parties is a breach of contract.

4. What if my sub-consultants do not supply me with the drawings?

As the lead consultant it is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient processes are in place to facilitate the timely retrieval of drawings for delivery to BMW. 

5. What if I don’t comply with the prescribed CADD Standards?

All consultants (including sub-consultants) must comply with the Standards. Failure to do so may result in action being taken in accordance with the relevant contract.

6. What happens if I do not provide BMW with all of a project’s ‘As Constructed’ Drawings?

Failing to provide BMW with all ‘As Constructed’ Drawings for a project, is a breach of contract. The lead consultant is responsible for ensuring that all drawings comply with the CADD Standards, and for their provision to BMW by the specified due date.

7. Why have Asset Management Plans been included in the CADD Standards for Deliverables Manual?

There is a current trend toward utilising Facilities Management (FM) systems within government agencies. It has been decided that this will be a requirement for many of our clients over the next few years. As such, FM systems have been determined to be a necessary requirement for all future projects.

8. Why can’t we use Paper Space?

Paper Space is able to be used throughout the design and documentation phases, but is not for the long term storage and maintenance of the archive drawing.

This is due to our legal requirement under the State Records Act 2000 for retrievable drawings that are able to be edited for the life of the building and stored in perpetuity as a State archive of the Government of WA. The current trend toward FM systems and the wide variety of applications other than AutoCAD used throughout industry means that Model Space is necessary.
AutoCAD 9 now has the option of a new feature “export layout to model space” which enables users to convert a drawing to model space easily.
This matter will be revisited as trends change.

9. What are the deliverables? When are they due? Who do I give them to?

Delivery requirements are outlined in the contract and can vary depending on the type of project, and the client agency. It is recommended that you refer to the contract documentation in the first instance. Should you continue to have questions, please contact the relevant BMW project manager.

10. Does BMW have a collection of required blocks for use in drawings?

No, BMW has no block library as it does not have any specific requirements for them. Rather, consultants are allowed to use their own libraries within their organisation.

11. Does BMW have a collection of symbols that I can have?

BMW no longer has any requirement for specific symbols in its drawings. Instead the use of Australian Standard drawing practice as specified in the AS1100 series is encouraged.

12. Does BMW have a sample project that I can use to guide me through the specified requirements?

BMW provides previous project plans on an as needs basis. Refer to the ‘Contact Us’ section for further information.

13. Can we use scanned images in our drawings?

No, scanned images cannot be used in drawings. BMW will allow the use of a scanned image of your logo or the client logo, but this must be supplied when the drawings are delivered to BMW.



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