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Albert Facey House

Albert Facey House is an eight storey building on the corner of 469 Wellington Street and Forrest Place, owned by the State Government, on land leased from Perth City Council. It was originally built in 1989 and named after writer and Gallipoli veteran Albert Barnett Facey, author of the Australian classic A Fortunate Life.

This cornerstone government building has been refurbished to a new standard of office accommodation, with the construction reconnecting the building with Perth’s Central Government Precinct.

The Central Government Precinct includes Gordon Stephenson House at 140 William Street and three heritage listed buildings on Wellington Street.

The reconstruction work reconnects Albert Facey House with Forrest Place and promotes an open, approachable entry to the building that recognises human values and brings people and place together.

The main entrance to the building has been realigned, centred on a portico that gives better access to the building from the revitalised Forrest Place. The lane between Albert Facey House and the grand old Post Office building was reconfigured as a feature connecting to another major Government tenancy and commercial retail space at Gordon Stephenson House.

The refurbished interior provides a modern office environment that incorporates best practice sustainability and public access, with a design concept that interprets the story of Albert Facey’s life.

The refurbishment of Albert Facey House is part of the Government Office Accommodation Master Plan that aims to collocate agencies where possible into precincts in the CBD and CBD fringe, and move other agencies out to metropolitan activity centres. This was another step in improving public access to Government services and achieving better value in leasing and operational costs.

Albert Facey House street view

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