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Website Governance Framework

What is the Website Governance Framework?

The Website Governance Framework (the Framework) identifies a consistent approach for WA Government agencies to better manage their websites from the conception to the retirement stages of their websites.

The Framework is expected to deliver better quality websites which are more customer-focused, and are better managed and maintained.

For an overview of the key principles for managing the Western Australian public sector’s websites, see the Website Governance Framework [PDF].

What is required?

WA Government agencies subject to Premier/Commissioner’s Circulars are required to comply with the Framework as set out under Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2009-02: Website Governance Framework.

WA Government agencies are required to:

  • comply with the Website Policy for the WA Public Sector for the creation and management of their websites.
  • comply with the Website Domain Name Policy for a more consistent approach to website naming conventions
  • comply with Website Standards and Guidelines for all new and redeveloped websites to provide a consistent user experience across the WA Government
  •  report annually on their website cost and related website information as a basis for deriving ongoing improvement across the Public Sector’s online offerings
  • decommission websites and de-register domain names that are no longer serving their purpose.

There are Frequently asked WGF questions which may assist you.

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