Department of Finance

Aggressive Marketing Strategies and Toners and Cartridges

This Buyer Alert reinforces the need for government purchasing staff to be conscious of the aggressive marketing strategies used by some companies involved in the sales of toners and cartridges.

The Department of Finance, Government Procurement, has become aware that the selling tactics highlighted in previous Buyer Alerts are reappearing, with approaches to both regional based and metro based staff and agency offices.

Some of the practices used include:

  • cold calling and persistent phone calls;
  • pretending to be a local company on contract;
  • adopting a dominating and bullying manner; and
  • offering gifts, discounts, rewards and gratuities (such as vouchers for retail outlets).

The latest attempts, that Finance is aware of, include approaches to government staff in Kalgoorlie and Albany.

In addition to the tactics highlighted above, staff involved in purchasing on behalf of their agency should be wary of any company claiming to be on a government contract or pressuring them to place an order for goods and services.

For a list of approved suppliers, staff should check with their own agency in the case of an agency-specific contract or with Finance if the company is claiming to be on a Common Use Arrangement.

Government staff have a responsibility to purchase in line with government contract arrangements and the need to comply with the requirements outlined in the previous Buyer Alert.

If you have any queries or concerns about the toner and cartridges issue please contact Contract Manager Ivor Lee on (08) 6551 1432.

Published 16 November 2012


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