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Computing Devices CUA in the pipeline

More flexibility and a way of keeping up to date with the changing technology in the computing world are two of the key themes behind work on a new Computing Devices Common Use Arrangement (CUA).

Once released, the new CUA will replace the current Notebooks and Personal Computers CUA.

The new CUA will cover a much broader variety of computing devices, such as tablets, hybrids, notebooks, desktops, all-in-ones, ultrabooks and workstations.

The contract development team is adopting best practices from across the country to create a CUA that is more flexible and responsive to the needs of agencies.

Contract Developer Ivor Lee sees the flexibility as a real positive.

“There will be the option to incorporate any new type of device that appears on the market during the term of the contract,” said Ivor.

“This will allow the CUA to cater for any technological advances so that it continues to provide up to date products.”

The buying rules will enable agencies to Pick and Buy, or send quotations directly to suppliers when the ‘Pick and Buy’ list doesn’t meet their needs.

Extensive research is still continuing with the possibility of adding Macintosh OSX and Linux devices to the Windows, Android and iOS devices already available from the current CUA.

For further details, please contact Contract Developer Ivor Lee.


Published 21 March 2013


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