Department of Finance

WA Government Purchasing Card

The Western Australian Government Purchasing Card (P-Card) is an efficient and convenient way to manage payments.Purchasing Card image

In recognition of the significant efficiency and accountability benefits offered by this method of payment, the State Government aims to dramatically increase the proportion of low value, high value transactions undertaken by the P-Card.

According to international benchmarks, using P-Card over the traditional procure to pay process can save, on average, between $19 and $52 per invoice. Research shows that historically, 90% of government invoices processed are under $5,000, providing ample opportunity for agencies to pay by P-card and realise significant savings.

Since its initiation, the P-Card has become widely utilised and has a Common Use Arrangement (CUA) that promotes its usage. The effectiveness of the P-Card has seen it widely adopted.

Information for the Purchasing Card Services and Expense Management System CUA, including contact details for the Contract Manager and suppliers is available through Contracts WA.


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