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The Office of State Revenue administers revenue laws and grant and subsidy schemes in a fair and efficient manner for the community and aims to provide quality customer service and information that is accurate and delivered in a timely manner. This involves the collection of duties and taxes as well as the payment of grants and subsidies.

Service focus

We will:

  • act with integrity and impartiality to ensure all customers are treated equally
  • issue a written statement where the grounds of the assessment or decision differ significantly from the taxpayer’s submissions. Where one is not initially provided, we will provide one upon request within 30 days, detailing the grounds of assessment
  • acknowledge and rectify where an error has occurred
  • where a complaint is received, take active steps to resolve the issue and advise you of the outcome
  • return telephone messages by the end of the following business day if the person responsible is unavailable to assist immediately
  • respect your privacy in relation to all information held by State Revenue. We will provide access to or disclose your information with your consent where authorised by law
  • perform audits and investigations as part of State Revenue's commitment to administer taxes fairly and efficiently and to assist you in meeting your statutory obligations
  • provide online lodgment and payment services for various tax lines 24/7

State Revenue monitors performance against seven key service standards on a monthly and annual basis.


Our expectations of you

We will presume you are honest and expect you to be courteous and cooperative. We ask you to:

  • be aware of your taxation obligations
  • take reasonable care when lodging information and with record keeping
  • make all lodgments and payments within the specified timeframes
  • provide complete and accurate information when requested
  • establish, maintain and allow access to your records as required by law
  • keep us informed of your contact details in the event that we need to contact you

Getting it right

Education and training

We are committed to helping you meet your obligations by providing relevant, accurate and easy to use information through our website, education sessions or by contacting us directly.

Early dispute resolution

We are committed to genuinely engaging with you at the earliest opportunity to prevent disputes in the first instance, and where possible minimise the expense, delay and stress a protracted tax dispute can cause.

Disputed assessments

If you disagree with an assessment, contact the Revenue Officer identified on the notice of assessment or the relevant enquiry line. We will explain the grounds for the assessment and do our best to resolve the dispute.

Objections and appeals

If a resolution cannot be reached then a person who disagrees with an assessment or a decision made by the Commissioner may lodge an objection in relation to that assessment or decision.

Any objection will be reviewed by a senior officer in an independent area separate from that of the original decision maker.


Improving our service

We want to understand your needs and how we can best help you. Please provide comments regarding your concerns or compliments on our performance using our Complaints and Feedback System.

As part of the improvement process our Customer Perception Survey is conducted annually. See the results of our latest Customer Perception Survey.


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