Department of Finance

Our Strategic Direction

Our Vision

Driving practical, cost-effective and quality outcomes across government to benefit Western Australians

We will achieve this by

Achievement of our vision is supported by six interconnected strategies as to how we will deliver our advice and services. We make a commitment to:

  • take a strong collaborative and inclusive leadership approach in all we do
  • always have a whole of sector perspective
  • implement practical solutions based on deep insights and understanding of issues
  • place customers at the centre of service design and delivery
  • deliver innovative, affordable value-for-money outcomes
  • promote a culture of inspired, inquisitive and capable people.

How we make a difference

Going forward you can expect us to make a real difference.

Our customers will see:

  • one sector thinking and central leadership on building and infrastructure projects, procurement, office accommodation, revenue collection and concessions
  • analysis of data to drive tax efficacy, better asset management and reduce government expenditure
  • capability building across government around commercial and negotiation skills, contract management, procurement planning and project management
  • transition to online by design to provide customers with greater convenience and lower cost services.

Our people : Our values

What will drive us to make a real difference is our values-based culture. Our values reflect our vision, who we are and how we go about our business. We want to be known for being:

  • Inspiring and influential
  • Passionate and committed
  • Honest and respectful
  • Bold and innovative

Our Foundation

Since establishment in July 2011, Finance has entrenched a strong foundation based on:

  • building and harnessing excellent relationships
  • efficient and effective systems and processes
  • a strong, diverse and highly capable workforce.

Our Strategic Directions 2018-2022

The below booklet [164KB] describes the Department of Finance’s aspirations for the future and how we will achieve them. Our Strategic Directions 2018-2022 [69KB] is also displayed.

A copy of the Strategic Directions and booklet can be provided in alternative formats on request.


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