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The Gateway review methodology is a project assurance methodology designed to support the effective development, planning, management and delivery of major projects and programs. Gateway was implemented in the Western Australian government in 2008.

A review gives an independent perspective, challenges the robustness of plans and processes, and identifies issues and risks. There are six key ‘gates’ at which a review can take place. Each type of review focuses on the key issues for a particular project or program at the time of review:

  • Strategic Assessment – to confirm business strategy and need
  • Business Case – to confirm business justification
  • Readiness for Market – to confirm procurement method and sources of supply
  • Tender Decision – to confirm investment decision
  • Readiness for Service – to confirm the readiness of the organisation to implement the business changes
  • Benefits Evaluation – to confirm ‘in service’ benefits

Reviews are tailored to the needs of individual organisations, projects and programs. All costs of the review will be borne by the requesting agency. The Gateway Review team in the Department of Finance, Government Procurement offers advice on the appropriate ‘gates’ for review.

Background for Mandatory Gateway Review

On 1 September 2016, Cabinet approved a recommendation to mandate the Gateway process where major projects or programs meet requirements. This recommendation is now the subject of Premier’s Circular 2016/05.

The following types of procurement must undertake a Gateway review unless an exemption is approved by Finance:

  • infrastructure projects or programs valued at $100 million and above;
  • ICT projects or programs valued at $10 million and above;  and
  • other projects or programs identified by the Department of Treasury.

Government agencies with projects or programs in the above categories are required to contact the Department of Finance at the earliest opportunity in the project or program life cycle, and definitely before business case approval. Please allow eight to twelve weeks for the Gateway review to be conducted.

Please email and attach a completed Project Authorisation form.

Agencies can request a review for a projects or programs that does not meet the value thresholds but are considered high risk.

Action Plans for red recommendations in your Final Report

At the close of the review, a Recommendation Action Plan template must be completed by the SRO for all red recommendations in the Final Report. It will detail the relevant actions for each recommendation and a due date. This completed template must be forwarded to the Gateway Unit within two weeks of the conclusion of the review.

The Gateway Unit will monitor the progress of these actions and report to the Gateway Steering Committee (GSC) any high risk recommendations with outstanding actions. These will be discussed at the Steering Committee Meeting and further action agreed by the GSC.

Please email and attach a completed Gateway Recommendation Action Plan Template.

Exemption Process

Where a project or program meets the thresholds, above, and an agency does not wish to undertake a review, an agency may apply for an exemption. Agencies seeking an exemption must complete a Risk Assessment, and forward the assessment to Finance for consideration. Please contact the Gateway Team for the Risk Assessment document.



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