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The Gateway Report

The Gateway report is the key deliverable from each review. The review team presents it to the SRO on the last day of the review, with a full briefing of the findings, recommendations and ratings. This session is an opportunity for the SRO to clarify the content of the report with the review team and fully understand the context of each recommendation.

The report is confidential to the SRO, who is responsible for actioning recommendations made in the Gateway report. The ratings are used in the report (Red, Amber, Green) to assess each of the recommendations and the overall project or program status. This is called the RAG status.

Red To achieve success the project team should take action immediately.
Amber The project or program should go forward with actions on recommendations to be carried out before the next Gateway review of the project or program.
Green  The project or program is on target to succeed but may benefit from the uptake of recommendations.

It is important to note that the overall rating of a project or program is not a Stop or Go sign through to the next project phase nor is it a sign of a good or bad project or program. It is an indication of the urgency and criticality of remedial action that is required for the project or program to achieve success, between the current project stage and the next critical decision point.


PDF Senior Responsible Owner and your Gateway Report

PDF Participating in a Gateway Review as the Senior Responsible Owner



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