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Graduate Opportunities - Recruitment Process

 Recruitment Process - Application, Selection, Decision, and ResultsBefore lodging your application check that you have included:

  • Covering Letter following the instructions contained in the Guide to the 2020 Graduate Program application
  • Resume that realistically details your education, employment history (paid and unpaid), past responsibilities and achievements
  • Copy of your Academic Transcript clearly showing the units you have studied and grades, as well as your course weighted average (course average to date if your degree is not complete yet)
  • Copy of your Australian Birth Certificate, valid Australian Passport, Australian Citizenship Certificate or Permanent Residency Visa

1. Application

  • The purpose of our application process is to gain an insight into the skills, abilities and experience you have. This information will help us to assess all applications to ensure we select the most suitable and available applicant for the job.
  • For our graduate positions we assess a number of factors including your academic achievements, work experience, written communication skills, your extra-curricular commitments as well as your enthusiasm to come and work for the Department of Finance.
  • Each application guide is different, it is essential that you download the relevant application guide for the job you are applying for, in order to gain specific details of what we will be assessing. If you do not follow the instructions on how to apply you will not be eligible for interview.

2. Selection

  • We are required to select and appoint the most suitable and available applicant for the job. For more information on what constitutes ‘suitable’ and ‘available’ please refer to the Public Sector Standards.
  • The selection panel will use the information supplied by applicants throughout the written application and selection process to determine their level of competitiveness against the job requirements (also referred to as the selection criteria). The selection panel may do this by assessing written applications, referee reports, video and face to face interviews, written assessments, telephone screening and observing group work. You will be advised in advance what assessments are being used.

3. Decision

  • Information from the application and selection process is gathered to select the most suitable and available person.
  • Graduates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The Department of Finance strives to be responsive to community needs by employing a workforce that is representative of the diverse community we serve. Indigenous Australians and people with disabilities have been identified as diversity groups lacking within our current workforce and applicants from these diversity groups are strongly encouraged to apply. When determining the most suitable person(s) to be appointed, the selection panel and the Approving Officer may take these business needs into account.

4. Results are in!

  • Successful and unsuccessful candidates are notified of the outcome of the recruitment process.
  • There is a four day breach period from the time applicants receive notification of the selection decision in which applicants can lodge an appeal (for more details on the breach process refer to the Public Sector Standards). Applicants can also request constructive feedback in this time.
  • All suitable applicants will be placed in a recruitment pool. This pool will run for 12 months and may be used to fill similar vacancies. Please note that being placed in the pool does not guarantee your placement in a position.
  • Successful graduates are sent appointment letters and are invited to a graduate meet and greet morning tea prior to commencement. 

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