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The Western Australian Government spends around $14 billion* per year on goods and services.

If you supply goods and services to the Western Australian Government or wish to do so, these pages are for you. Government Procurement (GP) can help you with general advice, information about the tender process and tender training.

If you are a supplier of works and works-related goods or services, Building Management and Works within the Department of Finance is your first port of call.

If you are a community services provider, go to GP’s Funding and Contracting Services.

The nature of your business

The Western Australian Government buys goods and services in a number of ways. What you are selling and/or the value of the contract dictate the purchasing method government staff must use.

To sell to Government successfully, your marketing efforts should be in line with these purchasing methods:

What is Government looking for?

Government wants to provide suppliers with fair and equitable access to its supply opportunities and has policies in place that ensure open and effective competition.

When purchasing, government buyers are looking for value for money and an efficient and effective purchasing and contracting process.

Once you are on contract, Government expects you to fulfil your contractual obligations, for example around pricing, quality of your goods or services, reliability, financial reporting or otherwise.


Procurement policies and guidelines

Overview of the tendering process

*This does not include Government Trading Enterprises.


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