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This page contains information on policies, procedures, forms and guidelines to assist consultants in delivering work for Department of Finance, Building Management and Works (BMW) projects.

Architectural Services Brief

Willetton Senior High School  winner of the George Temple Poole architecture award in 2017

The Architectural Services Brief outlines the scope of architectural services and technical requirements that will apply to consultants for the planning, delivery and maintenance of Government’s non-residential buildings.

The Brief includes general requirements that apply to all capital works  projects, however BMW may make project specific amendments to the Brief when required.

The Architectural Services Brief will apply to consultants engaged under the 2018 Architectural Services Panel that is intended to commence in November 2018.

The Brief will also be applicable where specified for engagements of consultants for new capital works projects procured under an open tender process.

The Brief will not be applicable to consultant engagements under the existing Architectural Services Panel 2012.


Primary School Brief and Secondary Schools Planning Guide

The Department of Education, in conjunction with BMW, builds a number of primary and secondary schools every year in response to increasing urban and regional growth. Based on a number of years of experience, both departments agreed there was a significant consistency in education and functional needs from year to year to prompt the development of a standard brief.

John Curtin

The Primary School Brief and Secondary School Planning Guide describe the operational and technical requirements for government primary and secondary schools, and provide a model, which can be used at short notice with minimal design changes, on varied sites. Their purpose is to provide consistent standards and benchmarks to ensure durability and value for money for government school projects and equitable facilities across the state. Familiarity with a model primary school by the construction industry also assists rapid construction for both new schools and additions and renovations.

Access to these briefs is password controlled. They are not available to the general public. BMW project managers enable access for the consultant team when a project requires a reference to the documents. If you are a consultant who has lost, or requires, a password for these briefs, please contact the Manager of Building Records:

Email Address:
Phone Number: (08) 6551 1808

Policies, procedures and forms

For answers to frequently asked questions and access to commonly used guidelines, templates, policies, procedures, reports and forms applicable to consultants, click here.

Technical Guidelines

These guidelines provide information on design, documentation and construction issues. They are intended to assist consultants with delivering projects for BMW and provide detailed information on BMWs expectations. Click here.


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