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The Maintenance Services Arrangement (MSA) is a contract for providing building maintenance services to Main Roads Western Australia, and the Departments of Culture and the Arts, Fire and Emergency Services, Education, the Attorney General, Corrective Services, and Training and Workforce Development in the Perth metropolitan area and the Peel region.

The MSA was awarded to Programmed Facility Management (Programmed FM), on 18 March 2016 and replaces service arranger contracts with Spotless and Programmed FM which have been in place since 2002 and will expire on 30 June 2016.

Developed in consultation with industry and participating agencies, the MSA contract marks a further milestone in the ongoing reforms led by the Department of Finance's Building Management and Works to improve maintenance service delivery across government. The new contract is innovative, reflects industry best practice and focuses on achieving value-for-money by placing a greater emphasis on the quality of services provided on critical government assets at a sustainable cost.

Maintenance services that will be delivered by ProgrammedFM from1 July 2016, include:

  • breakdown repairs
  • routine maintenance
  • low value maintenance (works under $50,000)
  • projects (over $50,000)
  • strategic maintenance and planning advice
  • property services
  • site-based personnel (such as electricians, plumbers and handy persons).

Key objectives of the MSA

The MSA has five key objectives. These are:

  1. a collaborative stakeholder relationship that reflects a ‘one team’ approach with clear communication, transparent information and continuous improvement
  2. maintenance services delivered at a sustainable cost to quality standards and agency technical and financial requirements
  3. a strategic and effective approach to service delivery, with effective asset management systems to achieve positive outcomes for agencies in managing their assets
  4. a flexible, innovative and responsive service delivery to meet agencies’ changing building maintenance requirements
  5. a safe environment for service delivery where incidents and injuries are prevented.

Key features and benefits of the MSA

The MSA is a best practice model which offers the following features and benefits.

  • It is innovative and based on industry best practice with a focus on achieving significant value-for-money outcomes to agencies and government through higher quality of service,  delivered at a sustainable cost.
  • It will deliver significant improvements and enhancements with a focus on contractor accountability, through a contractor performance framework.
  • It will capture greater detail in the performance of critical government assets, enabling better decision-making at an agency and portfolio level.
  • It will benefit the State by improving ;building asset maintenance knowledge that will allow greater analysis of maintenance spend and better asset planning and investment into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Additional information or queries

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