Department of Finance

Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory Services enables the delivery of improved community outcomes, provides policy and practice advice and builds procurement capability across government. This directorate works in partnership with Agency Procurement Services (APS), Whole of Government Services and government agencies through its three key teams:

  • Procurement Capability and Development
  • Funding and Contracting Services
  • Procurement Policy and Governance

Procurement Capability and Development

The Procurement Capability and Development (PC&D) team drive strategic procurement capability building initiatives across GP, Government Agencies, and the private and not for profit sectors.

The team administers GP’s Education Framework which provides a mechanism to build capability in the disciplines of procurement and contract management, supports greater agency procurement independence and offers a platform for engaging key stakeholders.

PC&D also deliver a range of procurement capability and training programs aimed at increasing procurement knowledge and awareness across all sectors.

For any queries about the Education Framework or any of Government Procurement’s education and training services, please email

Funding and Contracting Services

The Funding and Contracting Services (FaCS) team provides leadership, guidance and support to both the public and Not-For-Profit (NFP) community service sectors on the principles and application of the Delivering Community Services in Partnership (DCSP) Policy and good practice community services procurement. The FaCS team facilitates engagement and collaboration and develops initiatives to build stronger relationships between the government, community and social sectors.

Policy and advice

FaCS provides community services procurement policy and practice advice to government agencies and supports the Not-for-profit sector in building its capacity in partnering with government to deliver community services. The team maintains and updates community services procurement guides and templates, and provides community services procurement training.

FaCS reports directly to Government and the Partnership Forum on the effectiveness of the DCSP Policy and identifying and responding to key issues related to community services

For more information contact FaCS on 08 6551 1515 or email: Funding and Contracting Services team.

Social procurement initiatives

The Government of Western Australia is keen to increase procurement opportunities for Western Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) and Aboriginal businesses. Amendments were made to the Open and Effective Competition Policy (O&EC) in support of these social procurement initiatives, providing opportunities for agencies to purchase directly from registered ADEs or Aboriginal businesses where it represents value for money.

For further information and assistance contact your agency’s Government Procurement (GP) representative, or GP’s dedicated Social Procurement Manager on (08) 6551 2475 or email

Procurement Policy and Governance

The Procurement Policy and Governance branch is responsible for:

  • providing policy and practice advice to government buyers and suppliers,
  • implementing the Gateway Review Process; and
  • the administration of the accreditation and compliance framework

Procurement Policy and Practice

The Procurement Policy and Governance team provides advice and assistance on procurement policy and practice. As part of this role, the team also produces and maintains a range of contracting templates and guides for use by government buyers and suppliers. These templates reflect best practice in procurement and are updated regularly.


The Gateway team are responsible for implementing the Gateway Review Process which provides project assurance for major public sector projects in WA. This includes providing training for senior executives to become Gateway reviewers and promoting the value of the Gateway program across Government.

Members of the team participate in annual regional Gateway forums, which provide an opportunity for heads of Gateway units across Australia and New Zealand to share experiences and latest learning’s.


The accreditation and compliance framework provides an opportunity for Public Authorities to apply for an increased threshold at which they must involve the Department of Finance.

Responsibility for the administration of the accreditation and compliance framework lies with the Procurement Policy and Governance team. This includes monitoring Public Authorities compliance with Supply policies.


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