Department of Finance

Workforce and Diversity Plan

The Department of Finance’s Workforce and Diversity Plan 2016-2019 provides a framework to ensure we have the right skills and people to deliver our future workforce priorities and presents an opportunity for the Department of Finance to build Exemplar performance through Thought Leadership.

You can download a PDF edition of the Workforce Diversity Plan 2016-19. A hard copy of the plan is also available on request.

The plan outlines our goal for:

  • Efficient and effective work practices through innovation and red tape reduction to build growth and sustainability
  • Committed and accountable staff demonstrating our goals and values, motivated to contribute to our success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being, and
  • A diverse and flexible workforce bringing differing perspectives, experiences and knowledge together to build exemplar performance

The plan includes a comprehensive outline of the Department's commitment in these areas and how staff are encouraged to share in the responsibility of achieving these outcomes.


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