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There are different methods for buying goods and services.

For building or infrastructure purchases under the Public Works Act 1902, you will need to refer to Building Management and Works.

If you are based in regional Western Australia, contact your local Regional Procurement Officer for help with planning and procuring works, goods and services. There is also programs and online training available on the Regional Buying web page.

Is it a community service you are after? Then the Not-for-Profit section of the website provides information and tools for engaging with the not-for-profit sector for the provision of community services. For more information contact the Funding and Contracting Services team.

This section of the website gives an overview of the steps you need to take when buying a product or service on behalf of your agency. Is what you need available from:

Common Use Arrangements

Contracts WA thumbnailBefore you buy, check if there is a Common Use Arrangement (CUA) already in place. Most CUAs are mandatory for use in the Perth region.

A CUA, is a whole-of-government standing offer, awarded to suppliers for the provision of goods and services commonly used within government. Examples of these are fuel, courier services, computers, copy machines, groceries and stationery. A CUA is an easy buying tool that streamlines the purchasing process. Most CUAs are mandatory in the Perth metropolitan area. This means that if you are about to buy a good or service you must first check if it is available on a CUA. Each CUA has a Contract Manager, who can clarify what is in and out of scope.

To make sure your chosen supplier gives you CUA prices, always quote the CUA number and identify yourself as a government buyer.

The Approved CUA Users list assists contracted CUA suppliers in identifying persons and bodies approved to access their government contracts.

A list of all current CUAs is available from Contracts WA. For general assistance on Common Use Arrangements (CUAs) email

Agency contract

If your product or service is not on a CUA, does your agency have an existing contract?

Agency contracts are set up to fulfil a specific agency’s need for a good or a service. They cover goods and services that are not commonly used by other agencies and are therefore not available on a CUA. These contracts have buying rules you need to stick to. Your agency may have an existing contract in place that covers your need. If this is the case, then go ahead and buy according to the contract’s buying rules.

Speak to your agency’s procurement team or contact your agency representative from Government Procurement’s (GP) Agency Procurement Services for more information: Agency representatives list [PDF].

Australian Disability Enterprise or Aboriginal Business

The Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) initiative is leading the way in supporting people with disabilities to find fulfilling and secure work. Western Australian ADEs have an all-encompassing commitment to quality and adopt national and international standards of best practice. 

The State Government’s Aboriginal Economic Participation Strategy provides a framework for the State Government’s investment in Aboriginal economic participation. There are more than 450 registered Aboriginal businesses (AB) and the number is growing. An AB is at least 50 per cent owned by Aboriginal people. 

Is the product or service you require available from an ADE or AB? If it is, you may be eligible for an exemption from the Open and Effective Competition Policy. Talk to your Government Procurement (GP) representative for more information.

To find out more, visit our Australian Disability Enterprise and Aboriginal Business Initiative web pages for more information. The Social Procurement team is also available to assist you.

Purchasing thresholds

Where none of the above apply, one of these purchasing methods should be used.

If your total contract value is close to the upper limit of the relevant bracket use the procurement process of the next bracket. This will ensure you use the correct purchasing method if you have underestimated the cost of the purchase.

For all purchases from $250,000 (incl. GST) and above, all public authorities must engage GP. 

Decision chart
Determine the most appropriate procurement method: direct sourcing,verbal quote or written quote. Go to Purchases up to $50,000 for more information.
Request written quotations. Go to Purchases between $50,000 and $250,000 for more information.
Open Tender through Tenders WA. Go to Purchases from $250,000 - Open tenders and over.

For all purchases from $250,000 (incl. GST) and above, all public authorities must engage GP.



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