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Plan your purchase

To help you plan your purchase, ask yourself some questions:

check iconQ: What do you need, when do you need it by, and how much will it cost?
A: Before making the decision to buy, consider not buying at all. Is the purchase absolutely necessary? If it is, consider buying less, to a lower specification.

check iconQ: Do I have approval to spend and is there a budget?
A: Make sure you have followed your agency’s internal approval processes.

check iconQ: Is your purchase not on a CUA and the total contract value is over $250,000 (incl. GST)?
A: Then don't forget to engage your Government Procurement representative.

Contract Value

If your total contract value is close to the upper limit of the relevant purchasing threshold, use the procurement process of the next bracket, in case you have underestimated the cost of your purchase. More information about these purchasing thresholds and methods can be found:

Procurement Toolkit

Below are all the resources you need to navigate the tender or quotation process.

miniguide icon  Mini Guide to Procurement in the WA Public Sector for Goods and Services 
This guide will help you buy for your agency while sticking to State Supply Commission policies. It is your first point of reference when buying something, however small or large. The Guide is being reviewed to incorporate recent changes to State Supply Commission policies. A updated version will be available soon.

icon - documents

 Department of Finance Procurement Practice Guide
The Procurement Practice Guide is a ‘how to’ framework for buying goods and services. Understanding and sticking to these guidelines will help you buy what you need, efficiently and effectively.
icon - documents  State Supply Commission (SSC) Policies
The SSC policies set out the framework for the procurement of goods and services.
icon - documents  Supplier Performance Management
The Supplier Performance Management is a business practice to measure, analyse and manage supplier performance in goods and services procurement contracts.
icon - documents  Delivering Community Services in Partnership (DCSP) Policy
The DCSP Policy guides all government agencies that provide funding for, or purchase community services from, not-for-profit organisations. GP’s FaCS unit gives guidance and support to both sectors in their implementation of the DCSP Policy and the associated procurement reforms.
 icon - website  Contracts WA
The Contracts WA website is a one-stop sourcing centre for Western Australia’s whole-of-government contracts, otherwise known as CUAs. Check to see whether a CUA covers what you need before initiating a tender process.
 icon - website  Tenders WA
Tenders WA is the central source of Western Australian public sector requests and awarded contracts. Use this website to advertise your requests and to publish awards.
 icon - training  Procurement capability and training
Still unsure? Visit the Public sector training program page for a range of procurement related training including the Understanding Goods and Services Buying within the WA Public Sector online module which is an introduction to buying on behalf of government.
 icon - information The getting started page gives you the basics and puts you in the right frame of mind.
The buyer decision chart helps you make the right purchasing decisions.
The purchasing methods overview explains which purchasing process to follow, depending on the value of your purchase.
  icon - Tip Spend plenty of time planning your purchase. Initially, consider who needs to be involved, what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.



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