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Aboriginal Procurement Policy

The State Government is committed to supporting Aboriginal owned businesses through the introduction of the Aboriginal Procurement Policy (the Policy). From 1 July 2018, government departments are required to award contracts to registered Aboriginal businesses, consistent with progressive targets increasing to three per cent. The targets will apply to all government agencies when purchasing goods, services, community services and works. The targets are also intended to apply to Government Trading Enterprises.

View the introductory video from the Hon Ben Wyatt, Treasurer, Minister for Finance, Energy and Aboriginal Affairs icon - YouTube Ben Wyatt Aboriginal Procurement.

external website Media Statement: Aboriginal Procurement Policy to drive Aboriginal entrepreneurship and business opportunities

PDF Aboriginal Procurement Policy

Guides to support the Aboriginal Procurement Policy

Two Guides are available to support the Aboriginal Procurement Policy with targeted information for Western Australian government agencies and the Aboriginal business sector. Draft Guides were open for comment during February and feedback was applied where possible.

Acrobat icon Aboriginal Procurement Policy Implementation Guide

The Aboriginal Procurement Policy Implementation Guide (link above) provides the Western Australian Government with information on implementing the Aboriginal Procurement Policy and explains how reporting of the targets will be managed. The Implementation Guide also includes a handy ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section for ease of use.

Acrobat icon Contracting with the Western Australian Government: A Guide for Aboriginal businesses

The Contracting with the Western Australian Government: A Guide for Aboriginal businesses (link above) aims to provide Aboriginal businesses with relevant information for preparing to seek contracting opportunities with the Western Australian Government. The Guide outlines the procurement process and provides a simple checklist summarising considerations for Aboriginal businesses.

Aboriginal Business Capability Building Support

The Department has awarded a contract for the provision of capability building training programs to be delivered to Aboriginal businesses located throughout Western Australia.

Programs will include information and training on four key topics: tendering skills; business development; internal governance; and contractual compliance requirements which seeks to empower Aboriginal businesses to tender for more government contracts.

Three Aboriginal businesses were awarded the contracts across specified regions:

Aboriginal business

Specified regions


Indigenous Professional Services Pty Ltd Perth, Peel, South West, and Great Southern I (08) 9721 7057
Keogh Bay People Pty Ltd Pilbara, Mid West, Gascoyne, Goldfields-Esperance, and Wheatbelt Neil Fong, Project Manager I I 04 8821 8222
Morrgul Pty Ltd Kimberley Klari Kadar, Executive Director I I 04 3770 5700

The contractors will consult with Aboriginal business and not-for-profit communities in their specified regions in order to design the program and develop a strategy for providing the program in a culturally respectful way. Service delivery will ensure that the varied needs of Aboriginal entities across the state are addressed.

Please feel free to contact the relevant business in your region for information relating to services available.

external website Media Statement: McGowan Government to further strengthen Aboriginal businesses

Interim Report - Key Findings

Following the analysis of government contracting data for the period 1 July 18 - 31 December 18, we are pleased to advise that the State Government is well on track to meet the first year’s target of 1% of contracts awarded to Aboriginal businesses. During this six month period, over four percent of all government contracts were awarded to registered Aboriginal businesses, with 98% of those businesses located in Western Australia. The impact of the Aboriginal Procurement Policy is overwhelmingly positive and demonstrates the State Government’s support for Aboriginal economic participation.

external website Media Statement: Government on track to exceed Aboriginal Procurement Policy target

Interim Report - Key Findings. Two lines of circles, each circle with text of a key finding on a background of aboriginal art. Top line has three circles. Bottom line has two circles. Top line. First circle reads 74 Contracts to Aboriginal Businesses. Second circle reads 53 Aboriginal Businesses Engaged. Third circle reads 98% Western Australian Businesses. Bottom line. First circle reads more than 25 Million dollars awarded to Aboriginal Businesses. Second circle reads 4.15% of Contracts to Aboriginal Businesses

More information

Please refer to the Engaging Aboriginal Businesses page for further information.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact the Department of Finance, Social Procurement Initiatives team – or (08) 6551 2475.

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