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State Revenue offers a range of online services available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Revenue Online: Online Payroll Tax, Online Duties, OSR Duties Lodgments, Insurance Duty, Betting Tax

Designed to assist professionals who regularly lodge dutiable transactions or self-assess and pay monthly returns.

Terms and Conditions: CIPA | Online Duties | Online Payroll Tax | Online Insurance Duty | Betting Tax


Online Services Portal: Duties, Land Tax, First Home Owner Grant

Designed for the public and self-represented individuals. 


  • Self-assessment for registered employers and their authorised agents
Online Duties
  • Self-assessment for registered WA settlement agents or lawyers
Online Payroll Tax
  • Duties Online Services – for individual taxpayers or those people not eligible to use Revenue Online to lodge documents for duty assessment.
  • Land Tax Online Services – for anyone who has a land tax account or those who want to access land tax information on behalf of someone else.
  • First Home Owner Grant Services – look up your FHOG Unique Identifier Number (UIN) online.
digital property transaction
  • Electronic lodgment for WA settlement agents or lawyers
  • General insurers, intermediaries and insured persons

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