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Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy

The Delivering Community Services in Partnership (DCSP) Policy has been updated and is effective from 1 October 2018. 

Feedback from the public and not-for-profit community services sectors was incorporated into the Policy to reflect advances in community services procurement. Background on the review process and stakeholder consultation and engagement can be found at the DCSP Policy Review web page.

This Policy seeks to improve outcomes for all Western Australians by building a genuine partnership between Public Authorities, the not-for-profit community services sector and service users in the planning and delivery of sustainable community services. It establishes partnership principles and behaviours to enable and support a more mature funding and contracting relationship between the sectors, driven by:


  • breaking down the barriers between Public Authorities and the not-for-profit community services sector by promoting productive relationships based on transparency, trust and a collaborative approach; 
  • joint commitment to improve health, well-being, social, cultural and economic outcomes for the Western Australian community;
  • focusing on the achievement of outcomes and improving services and support for Western Australians; 
  • acknowledging the importance of partnership with the not-for-profit sector in the planning, co-design and delivery of human services; and
  • an enduring commitment to the sustainability of community services.


The Policy has been endorsed by Cabinet and applies to all Public Authorities that provide funding for, or purchase community services from, not-for-profit organisations. 

Premier's Circular outlines the adoption of procurement practices consistent with the DCSP Policy as mandated by Government.

The Funding and Contracting Services (FaCS) unit provides guidance and support to both the public and community services sectors on the implementation of the DCSP Policy.

Acrobat icon Delivering Community Services in Partnership (DCSP) Policy

Indexation Policy for the Non-Government Human Services Sector

A key aspect of the DCSP Policy, and the ongoing funding and contracting reforms, is the mandatory application of the Western Australian Government Indexation Policy for the Non-Government Human Services Sector (Indexation Policy) for service agreements for the provision of community services by Not-for-profit organisations.

Indexation contributes to maintaining stability within the Not-for-profit sector, while at the same time enhancing continuity of service provision, autonomy and capacity. Certainty in growth funding provides a sound basis for professional decision-making and management of services.

A copy of the recently revised Indexation Policy is listed below.

PDF Indexation Policy for the Non-Government Human Services Sector

Word document Indexation Policy for the Non-Government Human Services Sector


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