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The Maintenance Services Directorate provides leadership to agencies in the maintenance of their buildings, as well as manages and develop frameworks that coordinate the procurement of maintenance services on a whole of government basis. Services are delivered through a combination of public and private resources statewide.

Maintenance services include the upkeep, repair or replacement of existing building components or minor works that improve the function, safety and/or the appearance of a building.

It should be noted that individual agencies are responsible for ensuring that assets under their control are maintained at an appropriate level. To secure appropriate maintenance funding to meet this obligation, the Department of Finance requires agencies to have a Strategic Asset Plan that includes a Maintenance Plan. These plans are required annually and are an integral part of determining the level of funding allocated to agencies for maintenance.

Maintenance services

Asbestos management

Breakdown repair service

Clients of BMW Maintenance Services can request a breakdown repair by ringing the Maintenance Call Centre on 132 134.

Building Maintenance Logbook

Maintenance Minimisation Manual

The Maintenance Minimisation Manual outlines design guidelines intended to reduce building maintenance requirements, with an emphasis on sustainable building design. PDF and MS Word versions of this document are available on the BMW Publications page.

Simple Works – a new way of doing business with BMW

BMW is offering a new product to make it simple for agencies to use the existing BMW framework for low risk, low value works building related maintenance and improvement work.

Simple Works is intended for agencies to directly liaise with contractors from BMW’s maintenance panels with the knowledge that the contractors must meet certain contractual requirements, quality of works and pricing.

Examples include:

  • minor electrical work (outlets or lights)
  • marking of courts and car parks
  • internal painting
  • minor plumbing work (taps or drains).


  • Simple Works is not for faults. Faults or breakdown repairs are a sudden, unpredictable failure (the existing process for breakdown repairs has not changed).

Simple Works information for agencies

How to get started

Agencies may nominate a value threshold per works request (i.e.: $5,000 or $10,000) and also nominate those within the agency who are authorised to request works. The agency is responsible for overseeing who within the organisation is requesting works.

To register for participation in the framework with BMW, please complete the Simple Works Application Form and return the form to a BMW Program Manager or BMW Regional Officer.

A BMW Program Manager or BMW Regional Officer is available to answer any queries about the Simple Works application process.

For further information please contact the Simple Works Senior Project Manager on (08) 6551 1748.

How to organise works using this new process

Once an agency has registered by completing and submitting the Simple Works Application Form, the agency nominated representative(s) can request works by:

Please note, to organise works through Programmed Facilities Management (PFM) in the metropolitan area, the request should be made through PFM’s portal or call 1300 044 113.

Where to go for more information

To help understand the advantages of this opportunity, BMW has produced the following guides:

  1. Simple Works Application Form
  2. Simple Works Process Flow Chart
  3. Simple Works How To Guide
  4. Simple Works Request Form (new form)

Maintenance Services Request Conditions and General Conditions of Contract

These Request Conditions and General Conditions of Contract will form the basis of upcoming routine maintenance contracts. Potential contractors should review this document before submitting an offer.


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