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Goods and Services Templates, Guides and Conditions of Contract

Government Procurement produces and maintains a range of contracting and tendering templates for use by government buyers. Templates and guides are updated regularly.

ExclamationUpdates to these templates have been completed to reflect the WAIPS 2019 revisions. More document updates are coming soon.

For public authorities that fund or procure community services from the community sector under the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy, the Funding and Purchasing Contracting Services (FaCS) unit produces and maintains a suite of standardised community services procurement templates, including standard terms and conditions.

Template Change Process

The Procurement Policy and Governance team has a formal template change process and undertakes a number of reviews each year. Suggestions for changes to any template can be made using the Word Template Change Proposal Form.

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The Written Quotes Template Suite

PDF Guide to Completing the Written Quote Template Suite
Word Request for Quote template 
PDF Simple Contract Terms
PDF Simple Contract Terms glossary
Word Evaluation Handbook
Word Evaluation Report template
Word Award Letter template
Word Unsuccessful Letter template

Previous versions available here

Part A of the Request Conditions & General Conditions of Contract applies to Written Quotes and is referenced in the Request for Quote template.

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Request Conditions and Conditions of Contract

PDF Request Conditions and General Conditions of Contract (August 2019) Exclamation

Previous versions available here

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Procurement Practice Guide

The Procurement Practice Guide provides an effective 'how to' framework for public sector contracting for products and/or services. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines will help you achieve efficient purchasing outcomes for Government.

PDF Procurement Practice Guide (including appendices)

Word Procurement Practice Guide (including appendices)

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Contracting and Tendering Guides

PDF Guide to Tendering with Western Australian Public Authorities

PDF Free Trade Agreement Guidelines

 Sustainable Procurement - See the Procurement Practice Guide (above)

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Contract Planning Templates

Word Declaration of Confidentiality and Interest form

Word Business Case template

Word Request for Exemption template

Word Request  for Exemption - Aboriginal Business and Australian Disability Enterprise template

Word Risk Workbook template

Word Procurement Plan template

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Contract Formation Templates

Exclamation See notation above.

Word Verbal Quotations template

Word Request for Quote - Cleaning template Exclamation

Word Request ICT, CUA, Group Buy and Panel Arrangements template Exclamation

Word Request templateExclamation

Word Request - Cleaning template Exclamation

Word Addendum to Request Coversheet

Word Tenders WA Release Request Form (if utilising TendersWA to advertise)

Word Late Submission Tenders letter

Word Extension of Validity of Offer letter

Word Evaluation Handbook template

Excel Consensus Evaluation Spreadsheet

PDF Evaluation Weighted Score Matrix

Word Request for Clarification letter

Word Certificate of Currency Checklist

Word Evaluation Report template

Word Preferred Respondent letter

Word Negotiation Plan template

Word Award of Contract letter

Word Decline All Offers letter

Word Unsuccessful Offer letter

Word Tenders Result Request form

Word Contract Documents Handover letter

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Contract Management Templates

Word Buyers Guide (Agency Specific Panel Arrangement) template

Word Contract Management Plan template

Word Contract Transition form

Word Contract Transition Plan template

Word Contract Review (low risk) form

Word Contract Review Report template

Word Exercise Extension Option letter

Word Extension decline letter

Word Contract Variation memo

Word Price or Non Price Variation Approval letter

Word Approve Price Variation Exercise Extension Option letter

Word Novation of Contract Deed template

Word Assignment of Contract Deed template

Word Contract Extension Beyond Term letter

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