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Regional Government Office Accommodation

For information on Government Office Accommodation Master Planning 2012-18 in Regional Towns, please go to the Government Office Accommodation.

Simple Works in the regions

For information on Simple Works in the regions, please go to the Simple Works information in the Maintenance Services area.

Regional programs

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Through its regional offices, the Department of Finance, Building Management and Works provides comprehensive and professional procurement and contracting services to agencies in regional Western Australia, with the added focus of supporting regional suppliers.

The services encompass the facilitation of the procurement of goods and services for regional government agencies, along with the delivery of building maintenance services, the provision of contracting and management advice, the management of improvement and major works projects, and the assistance with long term planning for both services and assets.

Goods and Services Procurement

  • Facilitation of quotes and tenders for goods and services called locally 
  • Coordination of regional procurement effort to achieve value for money outcomes
  • Support for the WA Government’s Buy Local Policy at the regional level 
  • Streamlining of regional procurement processes that ensure compliance with supply policies

Maintenance and Improvements

  • Access to a 24/7 breakdown repair service through a call centre network who lodge requests for repairs to registered contractors.
  • Contracting and delivery of building maintenance and minor improvement works
  • Information, advice and technical consulting
  • Building condition assessments to identify short-term maintenance needs and budgets and develop longer-term strategic maintenance plans
  • Management of building maintenance programs

Major Works Construction

  • Co-ordination of building improvement and major works projects from managing the tender process with particular consideration to value for money assurances, risk management and probity issues; to project management including administration, quality control, practical completion and handover
  • Engagement of architects for the design and construction management of new buildings

The BMW Regional Programs Division also manages the Mt Walton East Intractable Waste Disposal Facility on behalf of the WA State Government.

Intractable wastes do not have commercially viable recycling, reuse or disposal options and include wastes that need time to breakdown and chemical wastes that are not readily destroyed. These wastes need long-term management. The Facility provides a location where intractable wastes can be permanently isolated to protect the community and the environment.

Routine Maintenance

These Request Conditions and General Conditions of Contract will form the basis of upcoming routine maintenance contracts. Potential contractors should review this document before submitting an offer.


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