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Building Management and Works (BMW) leads the planning, delivery and management of a property portfolio that supports the delivery of government services to the community. This includes the delivery of new building projects, maintenance programs for existing buildings, and the provision of office accommodation for government employees.

The business's role is to manage the State Government's risk in the delivery of the non-residential building program. Building Management and Works has a part to play in sustaining a strong and vibrant building and construction industry.

Building Management and Works collaborates with other agencies to manage Government building projects such as new hospitals, clinics, courthouses, schools, police stations, prisons, vocational training facilities and sports facilities in metropolitan and regional Western Australia.

The continuing maintenance of government buildings is a significant part of Building Management and Works business, along with managing and developing frameworks to coordinate procurement of maintenance services on a whole of government basis, in metropolitan and regional Western Australia. Maintenance programs include the upkeep, repair or replacement of existing building components or minor works that improve the function, safety and appearance of a building. Maintenance services are delivered through a combination of public and private resources statewide.

Building Management and Works manages the Government's office accommodation portfolio of approximately 555,000 square metres across the State, coordinating business premises for Government agencies through more than 500 leases with private sector landlords and across 20 government-owned buildings.

BMW are working towards ensuring the best outcome for supplier businesses and payment of services
Providing more efficient, effective and sustainable workplaces
This scheme is designed to minimuse the risk of entering into building contracts
For use by lead consultants appointed by BMW to engage subconsultants
CADD Standards for Deliverables Manual and related information and templates
An initiative to improve service delivery in regional Western Australia

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