Department of Finance

Common Use Arrangements

A Common Use Arrangement (CUA) is a whole of government standing offer arrangement for the provision of specific goods or services commonly used within government.  CUAs are aggregated supply arrangements that enable a public authority to source goods or services.

Where a CUA has been established, a public authority must purchase under it in accordance with the relevant Buyers' Guide[1], except where and to the extent that an authorised officer of the Department of Finance, approves alternative arrangements.

Purchasing from an Australian Disability Enterprise or an Aboriginal Business

Where there is an opportunity to procure from:

  • a business that primarily exists to provide the services of persons with a disability and that business is a registered Australian Disability Enterprise[2]; or
  • a registered Aboriginal Business[3].

then a public authority may procure directly from those entities notwithstanding the existence of a mandatory CUA. Approval from the Department of Finance is not required in this instance.


[1] A Buyers’ Guide is the document outlining the rules of access and buying in relation to a particular CUA. Buyers’ Guides are accessible from the Department of Finance website at

[2] Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) are commercial businesses that employ people with disability.  A complete list of approved ADEs is available from the Australian Disability Enterprises website [URL:].

[3] Reference to the directories of registered Aboriginal Businesses accepted by the Department of Finance may be found in the Aboriginal Procurement Policy Guide [URL:].


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