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Agency Partial Exemption Registers

Under the provisions of the partial exemptions issued by the State Supply Commission (SSC) there is a requirement for agencies to maintain a Purchasing and Contracting Authority Register and a register of all exemptions from the minimum requirements, and approvals allowed pursuant to the SSC's supply policies.

To assist agencies meet their partial exemption obligations an Agency Purchasing and Contracting Authority Register template and an Agency Exemption-Approval Register template have been developed and are available on the Department of Finance's website, under Government Procurement > Guidelines and templates > Partial Exemption Registers.

Annual Reports

The current State Supply Commission (SSC) Annual Report is available below.

Superseded supply policies

The documents listed below are the State Supply Commission supply policies which have been superseded in the year indicated. These policies are intended as a reference only.

Who Buys What and How reports

Who Buys What and How is an annual report on the goods and services expenditure of government agencies. These reports are available on the Finance website under Government Procurement.

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