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About State Supply Commission

The State Supply Commission Act 1991 (the Act) established the State Supply Commission (the Commission) in order to regulate government procurement of goods and services, primarily through the creation of supply policy.  Over the past 20 years, public procurement of goods and services has matured markedly, due to the development of effective supply policies and through the introduction of a centralised procurement framework.  This framework relies on well defined processes and trained procurement professionals, located within the Government Procurement business of the Department of Finance (Finance), who assist government agencies with their procurement activities.

On 23 March 2009, the Treasurer announced a plan to merge the State Supply Commission (SSC) with the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) (now Department of Finance).

Until the State Supply Commission Act 1991 is formally repealed through parliament, the SSC will be administratively supported by Department of Finance.

The State Supply Commission is comprised of  members appointed by the Minister, of which the Chief Executive Officer is an ex officio member.

SSC Act Regulations

external website State Supply Commission Act, 1991 as amended

external website State Supply Commission Regulations 1991  

The State Supply Commission Members

Position Name
Chairperson Ms Jodi Cant
Director General, Department of Finance
Member Ms Stephanie Black
Executive Director, Government Procurement, Department of Finance
Member Neil Logan
Manager, Ancillary Services, Department of Premier and Cabinet
Substitute Member Shaun Whitmarsh
Executive Director, Strategy and Coordination, Department of Finance.



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