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On 23 March 2009, the Treasurer announced a plan to merge the State Supply Commission (SSC) with the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) (now Department of Finance).

Until the State Supply Commission Act 1991 is formally repealed through parliament, the SSC will be administratively supported by Department of Finance.

Please direct all SSC enquiries to:

State Supply Commission

c/o Procurement Policy and Governance

Locked Bag 11
Cloisters Square
Perth, WA 6850

Telephone: (08) 6551 1500

Any questions can be directed to the State Supply Commission on (08) 6551 1500 or email

Feedback and complaints

Review of feedback and complaints

The State Supply Commission has the responsibility for reviewing complaints that suppliers lodge in relation to government purchasing and contracting for goods and services and the Buy Local Policy.

The Government encourages its suppliers to take an active interest in the contracting and purchasing undertaken in the public sector. When suppliers provide feedback, make complaints or suggest improvements, they are assisting public authorities to improve their procurement processes. This in turn helps prevent a recurrence of the same problem.

Suppliers should initially seek to resolve their complaint with the public authority. A copy of the public authority's contracting grievance process should be requested and the steps set out in it followed. If the public authority has no formal grievance process, a letter should be sent to the Chief Executive Officer of the public authority setting out the grievance or complaint.

If the issue is not resolved, the Commission on receipt of an online Feedback Management System submission, will then review the matter.

The Commission undertakes an independent review of a complaint that a supplier has lodged. This process is not intended to replace any statutory or legal avenues of redress that may be available to a supplier.

Once the Commission completes the complaint review process, all parties are notified in writing of the decision.

For supplier complaints in relation to government purchasing and contracting for goods and services and the Buy Local Policy, please complete an online Feedback Management System submission.

Lodge a Formal Complaint

It is important to note that complaints will only be reviewed where suppliers can demonstrate that an effort has been made to reach a resolution with the agency concerned. If a supplier has been unsuccessful in this regard, an online Feedback Management System submission should be completed.


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