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    Life Support Equipment Electricity Subsidy

    This scheme provides a subsidy to compensate financially disadvantaged persons for the electricity costs of operating life support equipment at home. It came into operation in January 2005.

    The scheme is intended for people who are dependent on specified life support equipment used in their homes under specialist medical advice and are holders of concession cards that are means tested.

    The specified life support equipment covered under this scheme is:

    • Ventilator (VPAP or BPAP only)
    • Oxygen Concentrator - includes Child Concentrators; Standard Capacity (adult);
    • High Capacity "New Life Intensity" (adult)
    • Feeding Pump
    • Suction Pump
    • Apnoea Monitor (for children only)
    • Nebuliser (for children only -  used everyday for 1-2 hours per day)
    • Heart Pump
    • Machine Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis Equipment (cycler or heater)

    The types of means tested concession cards covered under this Scheme are:

    • Pensioner Concession Card (issued by either Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs)
    • Health Care Card
    • Health Care Interim Voucher

    Fact Sheet and Application Form:

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