• Decommissioning Office planning for future corporate services delivery

    Following the State Government’s recent approval of the recommendations made by the Corporate Services in Agencies Futures Planning Steering Group, a Decommissioning Office is being established within the Department of Finance.

    The role of the office is to manage the programme to decommission Western Australian Government agencies from Shared Services over the next two years. This will involve agencies progressively decommissioning from Shared Services into their own arrangements.

    The office reports to the Executive Director, Shared Services through the General Manager of the Decommissioning Office and is overseen by the Decommissioning Steering Group, chaired by the Director General of the Department of Finance.

    While the Decommissioning Office will be responsible for the preparation and migration of data from Shared Services back to client agencies, agencies will have responsibility for planning and undertaking their own decommissioning projects including the sourcing and implementation of new systems for finance and payroll and the establishment of corporate services functions.

    Client agencies were engaged during the preparation of the recommendation report, and a series of workshops have been held to inform agencies about the decommissioning programme. It is envisaged that the Decommissioning Programme will be an interactive process where agencies and the office work collaboratively to achieve the government’s objectives.

    It is critical that the Shared Services Centre continues to provide good service to customers and client agencies throughout the decommissioning programme and the Decommissioning Office will continue to engage in close consultation with client agencies during decommissioning to reduce any impact or disruption on the delivery of their core services.

    The first and second Agency Information Packs from the Decommissioning Office are now available to Shared Services customers by logging into the eBusiness Centre.

    Decommissioning Office

    Published date: 07 February 2012
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