• Regulatory Gatekeeping Unit

    Regulatory Gatekeeping Unit (RGU) aims to deliver an efficient and effective Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) program. 

    To improve the value of the RIA program, the RGU is reviewing and making substantial improvements to the program.  This includes a customer service approach, with greater focus on regulatory outcomes.  Our new approach will:

    • help regulatory agencies consider and design best practice regulations,
    • assist decision makers in regulatory choices, and
    • improve the transparency and accountability of Government decision making.

    RGU’s desired outcomes include:

    • A regulatory culture that supports best practice
    • Engaging  stakeholders where possible and appropriate
    • Reduction of unnecessary regulatory burden
    • Achievement of desired regulatory outcomes at least cost and greatest net pubic benefit.

    The Regulatory Gatekeeping Unit works with government agencies to achieve these outcomes.

    As part of our service, the Regulatory Gatekeeping Unit offers targeted training to government agencies. Topics can include:

    • Decision-making in uncertainty
    • Options identification
    • Regulatory design
    • Enforcement design and practice.

    If you are part of a government agency that might benefit from these training opportunities, please email us at regulatorygatekeeping@finance.wa.gov.au.