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    Purchasing a Business

    Transfer duty is payable on dutiable transactions over Western Australian business assets. Business assets are:

    • Goodwill
    • A restraint of trade arrangement
    • A business identity
    • A business licence
    • A right under an uncompleted agreement to supply goods or services
    • Intellectual property
    • Rent rolls, client lists and similar items

    Duty is normally charged at the general rate on the dutiable value of business assets, plus any other dutiable property that is acquired.

    If the dutiable value of the business is less than $200,000 and the purchaser intends to continue the business indefinitely there is a concessional rate available. More details can be found in the Business Acquisitions Fact Sheet.

    Where a business operates in Western Australia and interstate or overseas, formulas are used to allocate the value of certain assets between jurisdictions. For further information consult section 85 and 86 of the Duties Act 2008, or contact the Office of State Revenue.

    Any person liable for transfer duty on the purchase or acquisition of a business must lodge the hard copy instrument that effects the transfer, or a transfer duty statement, with the Office of State Revenue within 2 months of the initial agreement.

    For further information on transfer duty on the purchase or acquisition of a business, consult the Business Acquisitions Fact Sheet.

    If you pay monthly wages of more than $66,667, or annual wages of more than $800,000, you will have to register for Payroll Tax.