• What are the Vehicle Licence Duty Rates?

    The following are the rates of vehicle licence duty applicable to:

    • the grant of a motor vehicle licence; or
    • the transfer of a motor vehicle licence.

    Definition of Dutiable Value


    New & Used Light Vehicles - (gross vehicle mass of 4.5 tonnes or less)

    Dutiable Value Rate
    Up to $25,000 2.75% of Dutiable Value
    $25,001 - $50,000 2.75% + % of [(Dutiable Value - 25,000)/ 6,666.66] of Dutiable Value
    Over $50,000 6.5% of Dutiable Value


    Heavy Vehicles - (gross vehicle mass of more than 4.5 tonnes)

    Dutiable Value Rate
    Up to $400,000 3.00% of Dutiable Value (capped to a Maximum of $12,000)



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