• Office of the Government Architect

    The role of the Government Architect is to provide leadership and strategic advice to Government to improve the design of public buildings and spaces and enhance the quality of the built environment. The Government Architect has a whole of Government focus and, where requested, provides advice to the highest levels of Government. The Government Architect reports to the Minister for Finance (in his capacity as Minister for Works) and the Office is linked to Building Management and Works within the Department of Finance.

    The functions undertaken by the Government Architect include:

    • the provision of expert, independent advice to the Premier and to the Minister for Works about:
      • key projects and developments undertaken by Government
      • landscape architecture and civic design matters generally
      • strategic approaches to major development project
      • initiatives to improve the design of public buildings
    • a key whole-of-Government leadership role in architectural design and other building related issues:
      • brokerage of design solutions and outcomes on behalf of Government
      • promotion and support within Government for emerging architectural practices
      • promotion of community awareness in architectural design and other building related issues and facilitating links between community expectation and Government policy initiatives in this area
      • maintaining strong links with the building design professions and architectural schools within the State and facilitating constructive working relationships between these bodies and Government
      • working closely with the Western Australian Planning Commission, the Heritage Council of Western Australia, relevant areas of the Departments of Treasury and Finance, Building Management and Works, other Government agencies and, where appropriate, other levels of Government to improve our built environment
      • representing the Government on key architectural committees and bodies
      • providing advice to local government as required.

    The Office of the Government Architect (OGA) supports the Government Architect in promoting the value of good design and pursuing design quality and sustainable built environment outcomes. The OGA assists in

    • developing design ambitions for major public projects
    • setting quality benchmarks for key public works
    • encouraging architectural excellence by implementing design review processes
    • establishing policy and practice frameworks for achieving design quality in the built environment.

    "Design quality extends beyond taste, style and appearance to encompass functionality, performance, sustainability, response to context, flexibility in use and cost efficiency during construction and over the lifetime of a building.

    Most importantly, good design provides environments that work well for all users and the broader community".

    Better Places and Spaces

    The State Government has released Better Places and Spaces: A Policy for the Built Environment in Western Australia. The Policy was developed by the OGA following extensive consultation across government and with the built environment professions. The Policy will see Government take up a leadership position in improving the quality of the public realm, raising awareness of the benefits of good design and recognising value for money across the whole life of a project. An Action Plan accompanies the Policy to guide its implementation.

    Better Places and Spaces: A Policy for the Built Environment in Western Australia (PDF 2.0MB)

    Action Plan 2013-2014 (PDF 197kB)

    Design Standards

    General  Design Standards

    Education  Design Standards

    Health  Design Standards

    Justice  Design Standards

    Design Guidance

    Good Design Guide

    Master Planning Guide

    Design Review Guide

    Design Review Guide for Secondary Schools


    WorkplaceTypologies: Cellular, Open Plan and Activity Based Workplace Arrangements

    Post Occupancy Evaluation: A Summary

    Case Studies Quality Workplaces

    Contact Information:

    Geoff Warn
    Government Architect
    Ph: (08) 6551 2332

    Melinda Payne
    Associate to the Government Architect
    Ph: (08) 6551 2335

    Carmel Van Ruth
    Senior Architecture Officer
    Ph: (08) 6551 1935

    Patrick Ford
    Senior Architecture Officer
    Ph: (08) 6551 2297

    Tanya Ring
    Senior Architecture Officer
    Ph: (08) 6551 2331

    Evelyn Anderson
    Executive Assistant to Geoff Warn
    Ph: (08) 6551 2332

    Bairds Building
    Level 1, 491 Wellington Street, Perth
    Ph: (08) 6551 2332
    Locked Bag 44, Cloisters Square, Perth 6850