• Pool Recruitment

    Sometimes when we advertise a job we will mention that applicants who don’t get the position on offer may be considered to be suitable for other positions, and placed into a pool.

    We use recruitment pools to develop groups of people who we feel might be suited to future positions at the Department of Finance.

    When applicants are part of a pool, we can offer them permanent or temporary vacancies that come up if they are similar to the position originally advertised.

    A pool will generally continue for a six month period. If you are in a pool you may be offered a position within the relevant time period, however your appointment to a position is not guaranteed.

    Everyone who applies for a position is advised in writing of the outcome of their application, when the recruitment process finishes. You will be advised that you have been:

    • recommended for a position
    • recommended for appointment to a pool, or
    • unsuccessful in your application.