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    Consultancy panel arrangements

    Building Management and Works (BMW) has established five core panel arrangements to provide efficient and cost effective procurement of professional consultancy services. These support BMW in planning, delivering and maintaining the State Government’s non-residential building portfolio, are BMW-specific and not generally for the use of other Government agencies.

    Firms are appointed to the panels based on their qualifications, track record and demonstrated experience of key personnel. The panels operate on a combination of a predetermined percentage fee scale and submitted hourly rates, and generally run for a maximum of five or seven years. This includes an initial term of two or three years with BMW reserving the right to exercise further extension options.

    Being a member of BMW’s professional consultancy panels enables a firm to:

    • direct appointment (up to a specified threshold) by BMW, on a ‘pick and buy’ basis to work on BMW projects
    • the opportunity to provide services in capital works, minor works, maintenance and regional areas.

    Panel membership is periodically reviewed to assess the capacity of existing members to meet the anticipated demand for services to deliver the Government’s works program. Should new membership be warranted, applications will be invited through the Tenders WA website.

    Please note that membership on this panel is not a guarantee of work. For information on how work is distributed to members on a BMW consultancy panel and how existing members can improve their opportunity to be selected from a panel, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Please see the icons below for detailed information relevant to each panel.

    albany ec a-s services 218

    Architectural services (2018)

    Engineering and building specialists  (2014)
    View information

    Office Fitout(1)

    Interior fitout and workplace design services (2015)
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    Cost Management Panel

     Cost management services (2017)
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    OSH picture (sample)

    Occupational safety and health consultancy services (2014)
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    Cost Management Panel (Service Panel A Only) Applications re-open from 2 January 2018.

    More information

    New membership currently closed unless otherwise indicated.

    The professional consultancy panels are currently oversupplied with members for BMW's current business requirements. BMW is not currently inviting new memberships. BMW recommends interested businesses register on Tenders WA and create a profile to receive alerts on public tenders advertised across whole-of-government that may be of interest. When BMW is in a position to invite new memberships, applications will be advertised through Tenders WA.

    Contact Procurement Services

    For further information on the Architectural Services Panel, or to advise a change in member details, please contact BMW Procurement Services:
    email: BMWProcurementServices@finance.wa.gov.au
    phone: (08) 6551 1806 or (08) 6551 1787.