• Tools

    Maintenance Services develops and maintains a range of tools on behalf of agencies to assist with asset management, planning and maintenance. This includes historical information about government buildings, as well as panels of building consultants or trade contractors.

    Agencies whose enabling legislation does not provide for works procurement should liaise with Maintenance Services before using each tool.

    Building Condition Assessments

    Building Condition Assessments (BCA) involve an inspection of the fabric/material/equipment that forms a building to assess its condition and maintenance requirements. A panel of qualified building inspectors conduct BCAs on behalf of Maintenance Services and agencies.

    Maintenance Records

    The Department of Finance, Building Management and Works retains historical records of all work procured through Maintenance Services. Agencies using these services can access their maintenance and building works history to assist them with future planning and asset management.

    Maintenance Minimisation Manual

    The Maintenance Minimisation Manual outlines design guidelines intended to reduce building maintenance requirements, with an emphasis on sustainable building design. PDF and MS Word versions of this document are available on the BMW Publications page.