• Gateway Reviewer Trainingtraining for the private sectortraining for the public sector

    Becoming a Gateway Reviewer is a learning investment for senior executives and project/program managers with opportunity to:

    • learn how to plan, procure and deliver a complex project or program with appropriate governance, risk and stakeholder management;
    • gain insight into how government agencies manage high risk/high value projects and programs;
    • share your skills and experience;
    • work across government in collaborative client-centred relationships;
    • assist agencies improve project and program delivery performance; and
    • achieve an understanding of the Gateway assurance process.

    Completing the Review Team Member (RTM) workshop is a prerequisite to becoming a Gateway Reviewer.  The Gateway Unit facilitates this workshop, delivered by an accredited training provider, with the primary objective of increasing the number of Gateway Reviewers in Western Australia. 

    The RTM Workshop is not a Gateway information session.  Agencies that are looking for an overview regarding the Gateway process should contact the Gateway Unit to arrange a briefing.

    The Review Team Member Workshop

    The RTM workshop is a one-day practical training program designed around a realistic case study of a medium risk project. 

    How is the workshop structured?

    The program is structured to guide participants through the Gateway Review Process. A series of sessions cover the primary principles and techniques of the Gateway Review Process. These enable participants to:

    • evaluate project material related to each phase in a Gateway Review;
    • explore the appropriate approaches for that phase through activities and group discussion;
    • review and consolidate the learning for that phase, supported by facilitator-led discussion and prepared checklists; and
    • discuss and apply Gateway Best Practice.

    What will the program cover?

    Four Gateway Review elements are covered:

    • Gateway Best Practice;
    • Planning for a Gateway Review;
    • Undertaking a Gateway Review; and
    • Reporting on a Gateway Review.

    What is the cost?

    The Department of Finance will cover the cost for individuals from the public sector who wish to complete the training and become a registered Gateway reviewer. 

    Individuals from the public sector who wish to complete the training for professional development only with no intention of registering and participating in Gateway reviews, will be required to pay the training fee of $770.

    Individuals from the private sector will be required to pay the training fee of $770.

    Please note that cancellation fees apply in accordance with the training provider’s terms and conditions.

    When is the next RTM workshop?

    The next RTM workshop is to be announced at a later date. If you would like to register your interest for upcoming workshops contact the Gateway team via gateway@finance.wa.gov.au.

    Are You Interested in Becoming a Gateway Reviewer?

    Once you have completed your training, you register to become a Gateway reviewer by completing the Gateway reviewer registration form (below) and emailing this along with your CV, educational qualifications and RTM certificate to gateway@finance.wa.gov.au.

    Word Gateway Reviewer Registration Form


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