• Public sector training programTraining for the public sector

    The following training is for Western Australian government agency staff focusing on various aspects of goods and services procurement.

    For staff attached to regional agencies, please indicate your interest in information or regional training sessions and opportunities by email: regionalprocurement@finance.wa.gov.au.

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    11 April 2019

    Written Quotes Process

    This workshop is for public sector officers who will be involved in the procurement of products and services valued between $50,000 and $250,000.

    06 March 2019

    Procuring Community Services and the DCSP policy

    This half day workshop will provide an overview of how the state government procures community services and the DCSP Policy (2018).

    12 March 2019

    Planning in Partnership

    This half day workshop will provide a detailed breakdown of the Planning in Partnership section of the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy (2018). This section includes; Planning, Needs analysis and Co-design.

    09 April 2019

    Developing and Measuring Outcomes

    This half day workshop will assist you to determine and understand the relationship between inputs, outputs and outcomes in community services procurement.

    02 May 2019

    Managing Service Agreements

    This half day workshop will provide you with an understanding of how to effectively manage a service agreement.

    09 May 2019

    Contract Management Awareness

    This half-day workshop provides awareness and insights into managing contracts effectively.

    27 March 2019

    Risk Management in the Procurement Context

    This workshop outlines key steps to the risk management and the importance of early identification and management of risk.

    04 April 2019

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Procurement

    This workshop provides an overview of using and developing 'good' KPIs.

    16 May 2019

    Introduction to Foreign Exchange

    This workshop provides an overview of the foreign exchange market and how this impacts on government procurement.


    Online modules – Important information

    Due to a change in providers the online modules are unavailable. We aim to have these modules available again in February 2019. Thank you for your understanding.

    Online learning is a free and flexible way of educating yourself at a time and location that is convenient for you.

    Online modules include:

    • Understanding Goods and Services Buying within the WA Public Sector
    • Introduction to the DCSP Policy
    • DCSP - What is a Request?

    See web page for details

    Tenders WA training

    Available to users releasing requests (tenders) and awarding contracts.

    See web page for details

    Gateway Reviewer training

    Available for senior executives and project managers from both public and private sectors. Share your knowledge and contribute to large government project outcomes by becoming a Gateway reviewer.

    See web page for metro and regional sessions

    Aboriginal business procurement

    The Aboriginal Procurement Policy commences on 1 July 2018. The Policy aims to support the economic participation of Aboriginal people by introducing mandatory targets for government contracting with registered Aboriginal businesses. The Department of Finance has developed a policy briefing session for government staff which includes a networking morning tea with the local Aboriginal business sector.