• Who is involved in a Gateway review?

    A typical Gateway review involves four parties: 

    • Senior Responsible Owner (SRO)
    • Review team
    • Interviewees
    • The Gateway Unit

    Senior Responsible Owner

    The SRO is the client of the review.  They are responsible for delivery of the intended benefits from the business change that is dependent on the program or project.

    PDF opens in new window Participating in a Gateway review as Senior Responsible Owner - brochure

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    The Review Team

    Up to four Gateway-trained practitioners from the public and private sector independently assess the project’s or program's health based on interviews and the evidence collected from reading the project’s or program's documentation.

    Review Team Leader

    The Review Team Leader (RTL) leads the process from the planning meeting, through the review, to the delivery of the Gateway report to the SRO. They use the expertise in the review team to assess the project or program and prepare the report. The Review Team Leader brochure (below) outlines the expectations of the team leader from the initial planning meeting through to the end of the review.

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    Review Team Member

    A Review Team Member (RTM) is selected based on the experience and specialist skills required to address the scope of the review. During a review RTMs work in partnership with the RTL to evaluate the project or program , structure interview questions, read and examine project or program documents and contribute input to the Gateway report. The Review Team Member brochure (below) outlines the expectations of review team members throughout each stage of a Gateway review.

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    Interviewees include members of the project or program team, governance groups, steering committee, peak approval agencies and external stakeholders. Interviewees are nominated by the SRO and agreed with the Gateway review team.

    Interviews are confidential and non-attributable, conducted as a two-way discussion and require no preparation.

    The focus of the interview typically explores project or program deliverables, aims and objectives, schedules, funding, policies and approvals, issues and potential risks and stakeholder communications.

    The Gateway Unit

    In WA, the Gateway Unit is in the Department of Finance. The unit works with the SRO, tailoring reviews to meet the needs of the project or program, coordinates reviews, sources review team members and holds annual Review Team Member training sessions.


    PDF Participating in a Gateway Review as the Senior Responsible Owner

    PDF Participating in a Gateway Review as the Review Team Leader

    PDF Participating in a Gateway Review as the Review Team Member