• DCSP Policy Review


    The Delivering Community Services in Partnership (DCSP) Policy, implemented in July 2011, seeks to improve outcomes for all Western Australians by building a genuine partnership between Public Authorities and the not-for-profit community sector in the policy, planning and delivery of sustainable community services.

    In order to support the Western Australian government’s Supporting Communities Election Commitments and to recognise advances in community services procurement made over the last six years, a need to review and update the DCSP Policy and supporting documentation has been established.

    The Funding and Contracting Services (FaCS) unit is responsible for stakeholder engagement, collating proposed amendments, and submitting the draft DCSP Policy to the Supporting Communities Forum and Community Safety and Family Support Cabinet Sub-Committee for endorsement. The review of the DCSP Policy is being informed by stakeholder input, collected through multiple engagement methods in line with the DCSP Partnership Principles and Behaviours.

    Stakeholder Engagement Process

    DCSP Policy Survey

    FaCS circulated a survey to government and not-for-profit stakeholders on 11 October 2017 to gather initial stakeholder feedback on how successful the DCSP Policy has been in achieving its aims; whether the DCSP Policy Partnership Principles and Behaviours have been followed in the procurement of community services to date; and what aspects of the DCSP Policy could be improved. A total of 341 responses were received (including over 1000 free text responses) resulting in a 30.8 per cent response rate. The following document provides a summary of the survey results.

    PDF opens in new window DCSP Policy Review and Update – Survey Results Summary [PDF] (opens a new window) 

    Consultation meeting and workshops

    The results of the survey were shared and discussed with government procurement professionals and peak body not-for-profit organisations in meetings held on 9 November and 10 November 2017 respectively. The survey results and feedback provided at these two meetings then shaped the agenda for two consultation workshops held on 5 December and 6 December 2017. A wide range of stakeholders from both the government and not-for-profit sectors attended the workshops. A copy of the workshop presentation is provided below:

    PDF opens in new window DCSP Policy Review and Update – Workshop Presentation Slides [PDF] (opens a new window)

    Workshop attendees were asked to explore six key themes identified in the survey and to develop recommendations for the DCSP Policy and for community services procurement practice. The themes explored were as follows:

    1. Administrative burden,
    2. Integrated services,
    3. Outcomes,
    4. Stakeholder engagement and co-design,
    5. Planning - needs analysis and data collection, and
    6. Sustainability.

    A summary of the proposed recommendations by stakeholders is provided below:

    PDF opens in new window DCSP Policy Review and Update – Workshop Feedback Summary [PDF] (opens a new window)

    Thank you to all those who responded to the survey and/or participated in one of the meetings or workshops; your feedback has been invaluable.

    Draft Policy

    Feedback from the survey, consultation meetings and workshops has informed the development of the draft DCSP Policy 2018, provided below. Stakeholders now have the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft Policy.

    PDF opens in new window Draft DCSP Policy 2018 [PDF] (opens a new window)

    MS Word icon Draft DCSP Policy 2018 [Word] (opens a new window)

    Thank you to all those who provided valuable feedback regarding the DCSP Policy. Revising and improving the policy requires balancing a range of stakeholders’ interests, adopting changes in government strategic direction and importantly, ensuring the policy focuses on policy matters (the ‘what’) rather than practice matters (the ‘how’).

    Practice-related feedback received during the consultation process will form part of an updated suite of guides and training FaCS is developing in conjunction with the draft Policy.

    FaCS would specifically like to thank the following organisations for their feedback:

    • Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia
    • Children and Adolescent Health Service
    • Carers WA
    • Community Employers WA
    • Consumers of Mental Health WA
    • Diabetes WA
    • Department of Health (Office of the Chief Procurement Officer)
    • Family Inclusion Network of WA Inc
    • Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Cultural Centre
    • Life Without Barriers
    • Mental Health Commission
    • National Disability Services
    • Peel Development Commission
    • South West Counselling Inc.
    • UnitingCare West
    • Western Australian Council of Social Services
    • Western Australian Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies

    The feedback we received was incorporated into the draft DCSP Policy. In June the Supporting Communities Forum considered the draft Policy, providing additional valuable feedback. The draft Policy will be submitted to the Community Safety and Family Support Cabinet Sub-Committee and Cabinet for approval.

    If you have any questions in relation to the review of the DCSP Policy or the stakeholder consultation process, please email FaCS.

    DCSP Policy Launch Events

    Ministerial Launch of the DCSP Policy

    On Thursday 4 October 2018, Finance Minister Ben Wyatt and Community Services Minister Simone McGurk jointly launched the revised Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy.

    Finance Minister Ben Wyatt:

    "This announcement today brings together an extensive period of consultation with the not-for-profit sector about the best ways we can help them provide the best outcomes and also ensure that taxpayers receive the best value for money from their contribution."

    Community Services Minister Simone McGurk:

    “The community services sector is an essential part of building strong and sustainable communities, so it is important that we get services right. This policy puts people at the centre of service design, focuses on outcomes for people receiving services and removes administrative burdens on sector organisations so they can get on with the important work supporting our community.”

    DCSP Policy Breakfast event

    On Tuesday 16 October 2018, FaCS hosted a breakfast event launching the revised DCSP Policy. Approximately 100 representatives from both the government and community services sectors attended to hear about the revised Policy from the Department of Finance. The presentation  included an overview of the consultation journey and the enhanced approach to Planning in Partnership.

    PDF opens in new window Delivering Community Services in Partnership Launch presentation

    A panel discussion followed featuring Louise Giolitto (WA Council of Social Service), Michelle Scott (Supporting Communities Forum), Tim Marney (Mental Health Commission), Kate Ingham (Department of Finance), Michelle Andrews (Department of the Premier and Cabinet) and Grahame Searle (Department of Communities). Panel members described what the revised Policy means for them, and the audience asked questions on how the Policy will achieve better outcomes for the community and the people who need community services.

    More information and the DCSP Policy is available on the DCSP Policy web page.