• Education Framework

    Government Procurement has developed a contemporary education framework to build capability in procurement disciplines and skills across government.

    The framework assists to identify priority areas for procurement capability building which take into account emerging trends in procurement, and are developed in consultation with internal and external stakeholders.

    The Framework is structured on six broad themes and caters for a range of audiences, including those dealing with low risk and low value procurement through to strategic procurement decision-makers.

    framework pie chart 2

    and Strategy
    Demonstrate high level leadership by ensuring that the profile and influence of procurement is high in your agency. Ensure procurement strategies are in place that enables the achievement of your organisational objectives.
    and People
    Ensure you have a procurement organisational framework in place that fosters a culture of continuous improvement, and awareness and promotion of best practice in procurement across your agency.
    Governance and Performance Management Ensuring agencies have an effective governance framework. The framework should include internal policies and procedures consistent with State Supply Commission policies and guidelines, performance measurement, the provision of adequate controls and relationships.
    Procurement Processes Ensuring agencies have appropriate processes in place for efficient and effective procurement and that an appropriate internal control environment is maintained.
    Procurement Systems Ensuring agencies have appropriate systems in place for efficient and effective procurement  and that an appropriate internal control environment is maintained.
    Relationships – Internal and External Foster effective working relationships that drive enhanced procurement outcomes by collaborating with a range of stakeholders, including early engagement in relevant business planning and decision making processes.


    to Procurement
    Officers who are responsible for Low Risk/Low Value Procurement and have little procurement knowledge Officers who are responsible for Medium Risk/ Medium Value Procurement and have basic procurement knowledge Officers who are responsible for strategic procurement and have high level procurement knowledge Senior Executive including CPO, CFO and leader of procurement functions

    Government Procurement’s Capability and training programs.

    For any queries about the Education Framework or any of Government Procurement’s education and training services, please email proceducation@finance.wa.gov.au.