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    As part of the Public Sector Reform Program, Finance is leading the 'Procurement Reform Project' – a series of initiatives aimed at addressing the recommendations from the Service Priority Review and Special Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects, as well as maximising social and economic outcomes through Government expenditure.

    The project builds on work done in previous reforms and bring together best practice from Government Procurement, Building Management and Works, Strategic Projects and from across the sector. Through the development of a consolidated procurement framework that applies to goods, services and works, the project will realise efficiencies, reduce red-tape and increase public confidence in procurement through greater transparency and accountability across Government.  In taking a collaborative, inclusive and staged approach, the Department will build and sustain momentum for sector wide innovation in procurement.

    Strategy for Reform

    Due the large number of procurement related recommendations that have come out of recent reviews. The reform initiatives will be addressed over three stages.

    Public Sector Reform

    The ultimate objective is to make it easier for Government and industry to work together. Through greater consistency in policy, process and more easily accessible information, we can ensure the best possible outcomes are delivered to the Western Australian community.

    Stage One Initiatives

    Stage One focuses on immediate improvements within the existing procurement framework. Specific initiatives include:

    • developing consistent whole-of-government procurement policies for goods, services, works, ICT and community services;
    • improving communication channels and improving ease of access to important information for our customers; and
    • improving consistency in procurement processes and templates, where it makes sense to do so.

    Other initiatives will focus on internal Department of Finance business improvements that will support us to deliver an even better service to our stakeholders.

    How to get involved

    Whilst Finance is leading this reform, we need your support and assistance to make sure the initiatives meet the mark.

    We are consulting through existing contact points, as well as through stakeholder surveys.The surveys have now closed – thank you for the feedback.

    More information regarding consultation about ethical procurement is coming soon.

    Alternatively for more information, please contact the Procurement Reform Project Team by email: procurementreform@finance.wa.gov.au.

    This webpage will be updated as new information becomes available.